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Ground-Breaking Orthoses which Pursue Fitting Effectiveness to Its Limit

Sakima Gishi, Inc.

Tamotsu Sakima
Sakima Gishi, Inc.

In Japan estimates say 1,200,000 people suffering from knee disorders such as osteoarthritis. What these patients attach to their knees in order to reduce their pain and make walking easier is an orthosis. There is a wide range of corrective orthoses, but most of them have the weakness of being heavy, (between 500 grams and 800 grams), and not allowing the knee to bend and extend smoothly. At Sakima Gishi, they were successful in reducing the weight of these devices by approximately 180 grams through the introduction of a center brace.

This device also does not feel uncomfortable to the wearer as it has no metal fixtures above or below it, and it even allows the wearer to kneel down. As the wearers of this device are able to do athletic training without pain, many of them are on their way to recovery. Additionally, a product which includes gears has also been developed for sports use. As the company continues to develop even lighter devices, it is advancing its research on replacing the light-weight metal alloys of the devices with carbon.

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